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InfrastructureThe technology landscape is rapidly evolving in the K-12 Education environment. With 1-to-1 and BYOD Initiatives, wireless networking and mobility are becoming a key piece of the network infrastructure. These changes mean new technologies and new strategies are required to manage these additional components.

More than just a technology provider, our dedicated K-12 Education team has worked directly in education environments and has developed a new way for school districts to think about technology. We work with your existing team to help develop a long-term technology strategy for the district and build a plan for initiatives, training, and even funding if necessary.

Our Managed K-12 solution is an innovative offering that allows for a strategic and proactive partnership with your school district in order for your technology to do more than "just work". We collaborate with you to offer your students and staff the latest, most engaging, and most effective technologies available in order to maximize the effectiveness of the learning environment.

Monitoring, patching, and alerting

Our proactive approach allows us to monitor the performance of your network on an on-going basis. This monitoring and alerting process allows our team to quickly remedy a problem or head off a potential issue.

Timely assistance

Remote assistance is built into our tools to allow efficient support of teachers and students when requested, without drive time to your location. If necessary, we will dispatch a resource on-site.

Ownership of your technology

Our staff has knowledge of the tools that will engage your students and enable your teachers to meet the requirements of the Common Core and district-led initiatives. From Microsoft to Google, iOS to Android, our team can work with your desired tools. A customized portal is created so that service requests can be submitted and updates of requests can be viewed by the district's primary contacts at any time.

Additional Training

It is invaluable to have a technical resource within your district, so we will take the time to help mentor your technical resource and student tech cadets on common troubleshooting steps, best practices, equipment replacement cycles, and more. This ensures that your staff can make decisions that are in line with the district's vision and plans.

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