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Heartbleed Security Flaw

On April 7th, Google's security team issued a press release concerning a security bug that is found in many websites around the world. This bug could potentially expose user information, passwords, credit card info, etc. While a fix has already been...
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Important Windows Security Note: Please Share...

We want to alert you to an important security issue that could affect PCs in your office. Tomorrow, April 8th, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP. Many experts expect a rash of XP-related viruses and malware to be released almost immediately...
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A Day in Cloud Drive

Cloud storage. What is it good for? Absolutely everything! At HTS, we use our Cloud Drive solution to store our files and to share and collaborate with our team members. But if you're considering Cloud Drive for yourself and your own business, you...
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Removing Email Background Color in Outlook 2013

Here's a really quick tip on how to deal with replying to emails that have an annoying background color. Don't change your font-color to white so it shows up on that black background. Just remove the background color! (This works for Outlook...
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Which device is right for you? Considering...

The original iPad was released on April 3, 2010. I remember thinking to myself: “Why would anyone ever need an oversized iPod Touch?” Sure, it looked cool and had some nice features, but I felt that it was an unnecessary device that just replicated...
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Increase Your Network Security

Wireless networks are a gift to anyone seeking easy connectivity and a quick Wi-Fi connection. But don't forget that rushing through your network's setup can have security consequences later. Make sure you've addressed these areas, whether it's for...
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Success Stories

Krajicek Enterprises

A family-owned business revitalizes their infrastructure with a new server, firewalls, and software upgrades

Snyder Construction Co.

After the Joplin tornado, a construction company gets back on its feet with a complete infrastructure solution.

Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Government office benefits from managed services and firewall security

Zimmerman Sales & Services

Business poised for more growth with productivity tools