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Service Spotlight: Wireless Solutions

With wireless technology becoming a necessity in many organizations, it is important that you have a solution that will provide the coverage and reliability for all devices on your network.

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Network Security: More Than a Firewall

A full network security solution is now more than just installing a firewall. You need the capability to adjust settings, understand what's happening on your network, and prioritize bandwidth for important applications.

Network security is one of the biggest problems businesses face today and we know network security and e-mail security are of the utmost importance to businesses like yours.

Watch this webinar to learn about our full line of network security solutions from Dell SonicWALL that help ensure your organization is able to:

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Methods for searching your email in Outlook 2013

Do you have thousands of emails stored in your Outlook account? Do you sometimes need to find the one email from five months ago that mentions the access key for a software program you didn't think anyone was still using?

We all have times when we need to dig through the haystack of email to find the needle. This can be very challenging even if you carefully manage emails with folders and categories.

Here are some tips for searching your Outlook email!

The Changing World of Wireless with Xirrus

HTS is proud to be a Xirrus partner, providing wireless solutions to our clients! Check out their XirrusTV channel for many helpful videos!

Xirrus Wi-Fi Networks has been around for 10 years and provides Wi-Fi networking systems for a large variety of industries, primary, secondary, and higher education, as well as enterprise companies like Microsoft, the National Guard, Marriott, and the Olympics. Xirrus has been recognized for product innovation by The Wall Street Journal and labeled #2 as “The Next Big Thing”.

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