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Support Has Ended for Server 2003!

Now that support for Server 2003 is over, as of July 14, 2015, these are the three major issues businesses and organizations face if they continue to use Server 2003.

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E-Rate Funding

As of July 1, the E-rate 2016 filing season is open. There was significant money left on the table after the E-Rate 2015 season, in part due to all the changes that were part of the E-rate modernization order (a.k.a. E-Rate 2.0) which went into effect in 2015. This money has now been rolled over to 2016, creating what will likely be the biggest E-rate season ever.

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Outlook 2013: Insert voting options into your email!

Need to take a quick poll? Maybe you need to find out how many people in the office are coming to lunch – and this quick how to will show you how the voting options work in Outlook 2013!

To making voting options available in an email you are composing:

  1. Click on the Options tab on the Ribbon.
  2. In the middle of the ribbon, click on Use Voting Options, and select which answers you want to make available.

Backup vs. Recovery

A backup is a backup is a backup—right? It is. . . until you try to restore your backup, and then the differences show up.

When was the last time you checked to confirm your backup was successful? Yes, most software can be configured to send an email confirmation, but when did you really dig in and check on it? It is always a good idea to roll up the sleeves and check in on things every so often.

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