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Create a reliable, efficient, and fully-supported technology infrastructure for your business with HTS's experienced on-site and remote IT service.

Service Spotlight: Infrastructure

No matter the size of your company, a healthy infrastructure, from servers and storage to networking and virtualization, is the key to overall business efficiency.

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Our clients are moving their email and Office apps to the Cloud. . .are you next?

More and more of our clients are moving their email and Office applications to the cloud. . .are you next? Here are some benefits to consider.

1. Cloud-based email with Exchange

Office 365's Exchange Online gives you the benefits of Exchange Server 2013 without the cost and overhead of deploying it in-house. User mailboxes up to 25 GB are supported and personal archives provide more storage space. Attachments up to 25 MB are allowed. Users can restore deleted items, including items deleted from the Deleted Items folder. If an item has been permanently deleted or manually purged, it can be recovered if you enable Single Item Recovery. Even deleted mailboxes can be recovered for 30 days after the deletion.

Could your business be exposed? If you're running Windows Server 2003, listen up!

You built your business with your own hands. Running, and growing, your business often means long days and late nights.

Wouldn't you do anything to protect it?

Microsoft has announced that on July 14, 2015 support is ending for Windows Server 2003. If your business is running on this legacy server after July 14, 2015, you could be at risk.

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